Cheez-It Website Redesign

A website made for a snack bursting with flavor for all to enjoy!


A website redesign for the snack made of cheesy goodness. This website contains more illustrative elements that make the flavors come to life with personality and color. The website redesign reflects the Cheez-it itself, it is enjoyable, simple yet satisfying, and keeps you coming back for more.

Creative Brief

The creative direction was birthed out of the thought that this site should be enjoyed by both adults and kids, just like the snack itself. This new website should make a child grab their parent to see the unique illustrations and flavors. It also communicates to the parent the effective information needed to know about each snack and each section of the website. For the majority of the pages, reds and oranges were used to reflect the classic colors of Cheez-It. A wider range of colors were used to demonstrate the specific flavors on the products and the significant events of Cheez-It in the history page.

Layout, web design, and creative direction were executed by Vincent Picard through the redesign process, while a collaborative effort was made with Wini Glunt for illustrations through out the website.

Mobile screen snapshots of website.

Target Audience

During this redesign, we focused on capturing the interest of the kids first, any gender between the ages of 7 and 12, while trying to make the website informative and interesting for their parents as well. The Cheez-It snack appeals to everyone, so the website should do the same without having to compromise or lose its flavor.

Desktop snapshots of website.


The typography is meant to be fun and engaging, which is why I chose a script type face with heavy lines like Yellowtail while still use Futura for the classic Cheez-It branding. The choice to use Avenir Next for body text and secondary information was because of its wide type family, clear legibility, and versatility as a san serif type.

Savor The Flavor

Cheez-It is a snack that is ingrained in our culture and our memories. It has the power the satisfy your appetite while providing delicious flavors for all to enjoy. So just like the snack, this website is fun, colorful, and full of personality for all to enjoy and savor. And maybe for a second, it even allows us to become kids again.

Check out the full website here:

Desktop version

Mobile version

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