The Prodigal Son Illustrative Publication

An continuous line illustration of the biblical story of The Prodigal Son


This a continuous line illustration publication highlighting the story of the prodigal son from the bible. It is a story that is very special to me and I really wanted to bring it to life in a way that would be compelling and visually pleasing, whether you are religious or not.

Creative Brief

Through my design process, I chose continuous line as the illustration style because every action we take is connected to both our past, present, and future, which knits together a beautiful story. In this case, the story was about rebellion and reconciliation. I also colored the pages to emphasize the mood for the story from page to page to make the reader more invested and intrigued.


For this publication, I wanted to keep the text that I used in the same type family because this whole story revolves around family and the relationship between a father and his son. Century Gothic was the best choice because it has consistent weight and readability as it goes from page to page and color to color in the book.

Your Story Is Never Over

This story will always be important to me because it reminds me that our journey in life is continuous. That's what I want the readers to leave with, and that's the reason I made these specific choices of illustration style, type, and colors in the publication. Through the ups and downs it might not always be easy, but when looking back at everything if you don't quit, it can be beautiful.

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