Command Center App Design

A subscription management app for all your music and entertainment needs.


With all of the entertainment and music subscriptions that we have, it can all be overwhelming. One can easily lose track of what they are spending money on and which subscriptions they actually are using. But here's the one-stop tracking and savings app to eliminate all those worries. Track your monthly subscription spendings, activity on each subscription, and learn about other ways you can start saving money. With Command Center, you are always in control.

Creative Brief

Relaxing, straight forward, easy to navigate, and resourceful. These are the words that I wanted to be used when people use this app. I used blues and pinks for the log in and account pages with a smooth gradient to create a nice atmosphere right off the bat for the app. I also wanted to use a color coding system for the subscriptions that were being managed so there wouldn't be any confusion while navigating through the app. Managing finances can be hard, but I wanted Command Center to make it easy.

Snapshots of monthly expenses that are tracked through the Command Center app.

Target Audience

This app will be targeted towards all genders between the ages of 15 to 35. This is a great app for someone to begin tracking their expenses and subscriptions at a young and also learn new and effective savings tactics.


For the app's typography I chose to only operate within the Gotham typeface family because it has high quality legibility and versatility. It also reads well at any size, even when used on many different colored backgrounds within the app.

Snapshot of a user's subscription activity tracked through the Command Center app.


Before I began designing the creative aspects of the app, I had to plan the app's actions and pages that would eventually be set up. This allowed me to design with clear direction and thinking about the user's experience first.

Control Your Subscriptions

We are all overwhelmed by monthly subscriptions and payments. It is nice to know that there is a place where stress can melt away and you don't have to worry about missing a payment, tracking activity, and saving more money along the way. This is Command Center, and now, you are in control.

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